Ball Type Surface Grinder

"GAMT" have developed different type of Surface Grinders like Ball Type Surface Grinder incorporating modern techniques and highly sophisticated technical features, the gadgets depicted on these pages have a number of advantages and the techniques employed in manufacturing these gadgets ensure absolutely vibration-free and noiseless working. Ball Type Surface Grinder accuracy on the machine is guaranteed and all controls of the machine are within the easy reach of the operator. The machine is built of heavy duty cast iron which further ensures absolutely Vibration-free service and every care has been taken to fabricate each and every part incorporated in the machine precisely so as to enable the machine to achieve its maximum accuracy, which is invariably expected from a grinding machine. GAMT's technical personnel possess an ample experience In manufacturing Grinding Machines. Progressive gearing technology and precision machined components ensure minimum of replacement through wear. Precised engineering and simple easily accessible controls mean time saving and accurate operation.



Sizes Available 7" X 14" 9" X 18" 10" X 20" 12" X 24"
Working Surface of the table 175X350 mm 225X450 mm 250x500 mm 300x600 mm
Maximum height from table to Grinding Wheel 250 mm 275 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Vertical Feed Graduation 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.002 mm 0.002 mm
Cross Feed Graduation 0.05 mm 0.05 mm 0.05 mm 0.05 mm
Spindle Speed 2800 R.P.M 2800 R.P.M. 2800 R.P.M . 2800 R.P.M.
Size of Grinding Wheel 175x13x31.75 mm 200x13x31.75 mm 200x20x31.75 mm 200x20x31.75 mm
(Die x Width x Bore) 15x300 mm 200x450mm 200 x 500 mm 250x500 mm
Magnetic Chuk 0.75K.W. 314HP 0.75 K.W.1HP 1.5 K.W. 2 HP 1.5 K.W.2 HP
Bent Motor 3 Phase 2800 RPM 3 Phase 2800 RPM 3 Phase 2800 RPM 3 Phase 2800 RPM
Diamond Dresser. 0.5 Cr. 0.5 Cr. 0.5 Cr. 0.5 Cr.
Wheel Balancing Stand One One One One
APP. Net Weight(Kg.) 600 to 700 800 to 900 900 to 1000 1100 to 1200

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