Sino SDS6-3V DRO

Product Details:
Capacity 2 Axis
Usage/Application Milling Machine
Brand SINO
Packaging Type Box
LCD Screen 320 x 240 5.6 Inch
Model Number SDS6-3V
SINO SD S6 Digital display unit, of which main purpose is to provide detection and positioning functions for machine tool processing. The machine tool optical digital display ruler device are used in the one is most popular in the world.

Salient Features

  • Double seals design for better protection water, dust and swarf.
  • 100% laser calibrated.
  • Advanced optical measuring system.
  • High noise immunity & durability switch membrane.
  • Robust casing, chromium plated panel.
  • Ultra low temperature rise transformer.
  • Resolution 0.005mm (0.002”), ergonomically designed keyboard.
  • Can be easily installed.
LCD-3224 LCD DRO Display box (item: 1008006)
  • 320x240 5.6” LCD Screen
  • 32 bits embedded computering technology.
  • 200 points auxiliary zero position function.
  • RS232 function.
  • Power off memory function
  • Non-liner error compensation
  • USB transmission documents
  • Metric / Inch switching display
  • AB function
  • 4 coordinate systems
  • Software diagnosis function
  • PCD hole positioning on circumferences
  • User in various machines, projectors and other measuring instruments.
DRO display:
  • SD S6-2V: 2 axis for Mill, Grinding, Lathe Machines.
  • SD S6-3V: 3 axis for Mill, Lathe machines and discharging processing.

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